Monday, February 15, 2010

What's for Breakfast? - SRS Meeting February 4, 2010

Buy it: Oats are very cheap to buy and when sealed probably can be stored for 30+ years. You can buy oats from the LDS Cannery in 25 lb bags or in #10 cans. Oats can also be bought in any grocery store or wholesale stores like Costco. Oat flour must be stored in the fridge or freezer, it will go rancid quickly. For long term storage, store only whole oats. Oats can be easily ground into oat flour when needed.

Store it: Oats can be stored in almost any airtight container. I have my oats in #10 cans and in kitchen platic storage containers. Here is the original post on Storage Containers.

Use it: Besides making a wholesome breakfast, did you know that you can add oats in with your ground beef to make a healthier meal? You can also grind your oats into oat flour to make healthier baked goods.

Newsletter: The entire newsletter can be downloaded here. Click on the links to view our posts on Types of Oats, Baking with Oat Flour, Basic Oats Cooking, Green Living (Homemade Baby Wipes) & Recipes! The link to last years class (April 2009) on oats can be found here.

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