Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sweet Birthday Gift Idea

Here is an amazing birthday gift idea that come from the heart and not your pocketbook.

60 (or the birthday age) Postcards: Kalyn's Kitchen shared her best birthday present ever. Her sister and children surprised her with sixty postcards in the mail telling "Sixty Things We Love About Aunt Kalyn." You can also write "Sixty (or the birthday age) Memories We Have About _____".

The only cost associated with this is the price of stamps and cardstock for making your own postcards. You will be able to get 4 postcards (4.25 x 5.5) out of one sheet of cardstock.

For a friend or family member who lives close by, you can cut out the cost of stamps and deliver them yourself. If you don't want to mail or deliver the postcards one by one, put them in envelopes with numbers on each one. Then the birthday girl or boy chooses the appropriate number and opens one per day as a countdown to their birthday.

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Jes said...

For my mom's 50th birthday, I compiled memories from friends and family and created a blog with 50 posts, each containing a different memory. I was able to add pictures of places and things I knew she would remember. Then I emailed her the link to the blog late on the night before her birthday and called in the morning to make sure she checked her email.
I know she loved it, but I think I loved it doing it just as much. It was wonderful to see what people had to say about my mom.