Monday, February 1, 2010

January Self-Reliant Challenge

Here is the Self-Reliant Challenge for January (I'm sorry this is late!)

  • Prepare one food item using Wheat or grind wheat at one of sisters’ homes.

    Examples: Cook wheat berries in your crock pot overnight.
    -Eat with milk & sugar for breakfast.
    -Prepare spaghetti or sloppy Joes. Substitute half of your ground
    beef with wheat berries.

    Prepare blender pancakes.

    Substitute wheat flour for white flour in your normal baking.

    Call a friend who has a wheat grinder and arrange a time to grind wheat.

  • Document Challenge: Visit and download or create your own “Family Emergency Plan”. This should include meeting places and contact numbers. Great Idea for family night! Remember to laminate or place in a zip-loc bag.

    You can also download the entire 2009-2010 challenges in pdf form here.

    Each meeting we will also be passing out monthly challenges prepared by Rachelle. We would love for everyone to become “Self-Reliant Certified” by completing all the monthly challenges. Our last meeting will be dedicated to those who have completed some or all of the challenges. Prizes will be awarded to those who have completed all the challenges.
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