Saturday, May 7, 2011

3 Month Supply - Stephanie's Plan

Photo courtesy Stephanie J. 

Stephanie shared with us on Tuesday night her 3 month supply plan.  She planed out recipes for 3 months that are shelf stable and wrote them down in an Excel spreadsheet (Master Recipe Inventory).  These are recipes that she picked based on what her family likes to eat.  Then she figured out how many cans/jars/bags of each item she would need.  Using the Food Storage on $5.00 a Week as a guideline, she made a plan to purchase all of her items for her 3 month supply in one year.  Each week she checks her "Food Storage Shopping Plan" and adds those items to her normal grocery shopping list.  Costing her only about $5.00 a week she is building up her pantry with her 3 months supply!

Here is what Stephanie says about her 3 month supply

"Here is my shelf and all of my 3-month supply of meals (with just a few weeks left to go). My 3-month supply of other items like TP and things are spread throughout the house. This Shelf Reliance unit (bought at 40% off) fits perfectly in the tiny space I have in my kitchen. The industrial shelving was just too big. My dad spray painted a piece of wood black and we popped it on top to add another solid shelf. My odd shaped stuff is on the floor until I figure out what I want to do with it. I've just stacked everything I could into every available space."
Photo courtesy Stephanie J. 

Stephanie also made available "Mix and Food Storage Recipes" that you can print out and keep as a reference.

Thank you so much Stephanie for presenting this to us on Tuesday night!  


Hernandez said...


Can you please share a list of
places to food storage shop while
visiting Las Vegas or Nevada

Which Walmart sells food storage items.

This would be so helpful

Thanks so much

Lisa said...

I don't know of any walmarts that sell Long Term Food Storage Supplies. The COSTCO in Henderson on Marks does sell wheat, oats and powdered milk during most of the year. I buy most of my Long Term food from the LDS Cannery

I check with a few people around town and there are no "Food Storage" stores (currently) that we know of. There are plenty in Utah if you happen to go that way in the future.