Friday, December 3, 2010

Milk Results are In!!

Thank you all so much for participating in our fun little taste test. I received 19 surveys back and just finished calculating the results!! Remember that most of these milks have 3 versions - Original, Vanilla and Chocolate. I only bought one version for our taste test. Shelf-Stable milk has a shelf life of approximately 2 years and only needs to be refrigerated once opened, or in the case of Powdered Milk, once reconstituted.

We have a surprising winner!! It's Powdered Milk! Most everyone thought that the powdered milk tastes most like "real" milk.

Powdered Milk - 3.75
There are many different companies who make powdered milk, but I just used the Wal-Mart brand. Powdered milk only received 1 "disappointing" and had the highest amount's of 4's and 5's! Powdered milk's average was a 3.75

Almond Milk - 2.70
Almond milk had 6 "disappointing". We tried "original", but there is also Vanilla and Chocolate as well.

Shelf-Stable - 2.75Shelf Stable milk received 7 "disappointing". We tried the Vanilla flavor, which was very sweet and rich. Comments were "It's like drinking ice cream" and "It's too sweet". Even my 5 year old didn't like it. She does LOVE the chocolate version. I am sure that the Original flavor is not at rich as the Vanilla.

Soy 2.50
We did not try the Silk brand, but I can't remember which brand we did try! I LOVE Silk soy milk, however most people didn't share my sentiments. Soy milk only received a 2.50 and the most "disappointing" (8 total). I'll gladly share my Silk brand if anyone wants to give Soy milk another try :)

Rice - 3.25We tried original :)

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Jes said...

Thanks for letting us sample the milk. It was fun. I wonder if the regular milk we drink affects our perspectives. I drink 2% usually, and couldn't stand the powdered milk, but I also can't stand fat free milk.