Sunday, September 19, 2010

An Introduction to Challenges

"Orange you glad you're Certified Self Reliant!"

For the past 3 years Rachelle has been challenging us in different areas of self-reliance, such as emergency preparedness, 3 month pantry and getting important documents in order.

Last year we had 8 people become "Self-Reliant Certified"! It isn't an easy goal, but it's very rewarding and brings piece of mind. This year we are issuing the same challenge. Each month Rachelle will issue a new set of challenges. For those who want to work ahead, the year has already been planned and can be downloaded here.

Challenges must be completed by April 30th! Awards and prizes will be presented during our last meeting in May. The picture above was our prize last year for completing all the challenges.

For those of you who are already certified, you can become 2nd or 3rd year certified as well. There is also an advanced set of challenges in the works for those who are already certified and want a higher goal to work towards! Details coming soon!