Monday, March 8, 2010

"Pasta"bilities - SRS Meeting March 4, 2010

Buy it: Rice, Pasta and Potatoes are very cheap to buy and when sealed probably can be stored for 30 years. You can buy these items from the LDS Cannery in #10 cans or from your local grocery store. Rice, Pasta and Potaotes will not last as long when not sealed in #10 cans..

Store it: Rice, Pasta & Potatoes can be stored in almost any airtight container. I use my rice most frequently, so my rice is in a 5 gallon container. My pasta was bought on sale and is still in it's original packaging, and is part of my 3 months to a year supply. My potatoes are from the cannery in #10 cans and are part of my long term storage. Here is the original post on Storage Containers.

Use it: Pasta, Rice and Potatoes are very versitle and can be used as part of many main dishes, as well as a great side dish. Click on the links to check out our recipes for Rice, Rice blends, Rice-A-Roni, Potatoes & Pasta!

Newsletter: The entire newsletter can be downloaded here. Click on the links to view our posts on Preparing & Storing Pasta, What Can You Do With a Pound of Pasta?, Rice Basics, & Types of Rice, Potatoes for Food Storage & Green Living (Cloth Diapering)!

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