Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Self-Reliant Challenge

Here is the Self-Reliant Challenge for September.
  • 72-Hour Kit Challenge: Find or buy a container for your 72-hour kit. (Backpacks are on sale this month)
  • H2O Challenge: Purchase one case or gallon of water for your storage
  • Document Challenge: Photocopy your family’s birth certificates. Laminate them or place them in a zip-loc bag.
  • Prepare & Share Challenge: Once during the next Eight months, take a recipe from the basket. Prepare and share it in our monthly class.
You can also download this challenge in pdf form here.

Each meeting we will also be passing out monthly challenges prepared by Rachelle. We would love for everyone to become “Self-Reliant Certified” by completing all the monthly challenges. Our last meeting will be dedicated to those who have completed some or all of the challenges. Prizes will be awarded to those who have completed all the challenges.

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