Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back to Basis - SRS Meeting September 3, 2009

We are so excited to start a new year in Self-Reliant Sisters! This year we will be going Back to Basics. We will be following the idea of

“Buy it, Store it, Use it”

Each meeting we will also be passing out monthly challenges prepared by Rachelle. We would love for everyone to become “Self-Reliant Certified” by completing all the monthly challenges. Our last meeting will be dedicated to those who have completed some or all of the challenges. Prizes will be awarded to those who have completed all the challenges.

Buy it:

This means you must start. Our first goal is for every family to have their 2 weeks of water storage. Your next goal should be to start your food storage. Start gradually with a 3 months supply of the things you eat every day and then work on your longer term storage. The First Presidency has said, ““We ask that you be wise as you store food and water and build your savings. Do not go to extremes; it is not prudent, for example, to go into debt to establish your food storage all at once. With careful planning, you can, over time, establish a home storage supply and a financial reserve.”
—The First Presidency, All Is Safely Gathered In: Family Home Storage, Feb. 2007, 1

Store it:

There are many places to store food storage even when space is tight. It may take some ingenuity but it can be done. Here are a few suggestions:
* Under beds: One sister replaced her bed frame with number 10 tin cans. She said the bed frame was easier to collapse and store somewhere else.
* In a closet: Build and extra shelving if possible or extend shelving that is already there. Place water/ food storage under your coats in your coat closets.
* Decorative ledges: If you have high vaulted ceiling with decorative ledges that is another source of storage.
* Food Storage Furniture: Make end tables out of food storage and cover with a decorative cloth.
*Garages or Decks: Caution make sure you don’t put you heat sensitive material out there. We do live in a hot desert.
Remember to label your food storage with content and dates. It will save time in the future and make it easier to find and use.

Use it:

We want everyone to know how to use their food storage. Each month we will have recipes and ideas on how to use your food storage. We will also learn how to build up a usable supply of food storage items.

3 Months & Long Term

Three-month supply items are foods that you normally eat, including canned and commercially packaged foods. Longer-term supply items are basic food items like grains and beans that have very low moisture content (about 10% or less), can be stored for long periods of time (20–30 years), and would sustain life if nothing else were available to eat. A portion of longer-term supply items may be rotated into the three-month supply.


The entire newsletter can be downloaded here. Click on the links to view our posts on the Cannery, Water, Green Living & Recipes!


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