Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Powdered Milk Class

Here's a great website all about... Powdered Milk!!!

Our powdered milk class was a great success. We had wonderful samples made from powdered milk as well as vendors Shannon and Dan Pointer from All Secure Storage & Preparedness come and speak with us.

All Secure Sorage & Preparedness
Dan and Shannon Pointer
372 W. 200 N
Cedar City, UT 84720
1-877-865-6434 (toll free)

Here are the recipes, all made from powdered milk:

Yogurt by Sis. Riggs
Pudding by Sis. Vail
Peanut Butter Balls by Sis. Casey

Page 11 & 12 from your Emergency Preparedness book (in the Food Storage tab) has more powdered milk recipes! Check them out!

Later I made the Macaroni & Cheese Recipe on page 12.
Here is my "Magic Mix" (needed to make the Macaroni & Cheese)

And my finished Macaroni & Cheese!!

Here are some more great things we tried...

Holly's Famous Bread (baked in a Solar Oven)
We also talked about Dried Eggs...


Rachelle said...

Looks great, thanks for all of your hard work!

Greenway Ward Self-Reliant Sisters said...

That macaroni & cheese looks awesome and soooo yummy! :)

Shortcake1030 said...

If you are looking for additional food storage recipes, check out They have a recipe database dedicated to using food storage products.

kendra said...
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