Saturday, March 10, 2012

Winco - Bulk Storage Items & Containers!

.88 spice containers to fill with bulk spices

Many of you know that Winco foods just opened in Henderson!  Tonya went to check it out was sweet enough to take these pictures of their bulk spice and container section!

The water containers are $5.98 each and below those are the spigots, openers, etc for the water containers & buckets.

2 gallon buckets are $2.48 each and 5 gallon are $4.38 each.

Gamma lids for $6.98 each

The prices for these items are cheaper than Emergency Essentials, but not sure how they compare to Industrial Containers located in Utah.  Make sure to check it out!!

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Geris Super Saving Tips said...

I was looking at these buckets but didn't know how to tell if they were food grade. Do you know where I need to look to tell?