Friday, November 18, 2011

Thrifty Prom Dress

$24.99 for a Prom Dress!!

Instead of spending $200+ on a homecoming dress for her daughter (that would only be used once!), Holly shopped at Goodwill and found a beautiful dress that just needed a little altering.  

Holly's daughter is tall, and the dress that is supposed to touch the floor was about 2" too short.  They decided to go with a knee length look to solve this problem.  We got out a ruler and using a sharpie (so we could see the marks), marked where she wanted the hem to be PLUS 1" for hemming.  We cut off the hem right at the sharpie mark and hemmed the dress so that it hit right at the knee.

The dress also had an underskirt that now stuck out beyond the hem of the dress.  We cut off the underskirt and then attached it to a slip.  This way she could still have the fullness of the dress... or not. Her choice.

This was a store bought slip that we cut off the top and then zigzagged the underskirt to it.  It didn't need to look pretty since no one would see it.

Here's the finished dress, and adding a pretty black shrug will be the perfect thrifty (and modest) Prom/Homecoming dress!!

**please excuse the messy sewing room behind!

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