Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Are You Prepared?

These are all articles from the Ensign's "Random Sampler" section. You may need to scroll down a bit to see the article mentioned.

"At one time or another, nearly every family will face accidents, illness, unemployment, or other emergencies that will require them to depend on the resources they have stored."

Past Random Sampler

• “Home Storage—How to Begin,”Ensign, Apr. 1986, 64–65.

• “Emergency Water Storage,”Ensign, Aug. 2006, 71.

• “Storing Fats and Oils,”Ensign, June 1999, 71–73.

• “Food Storage: Where and How,”Ensign, Aug. 1981, 54–55.

• “Food Storage for One Year,”Ensign, Mar. 2006, 70.

• “Protecting Your Food Storage,”Ensign, Jan. 2006, 70.

• “Spicing Up Your Food Storage,”Ensign, June 1990, 72.

• “Mmmmm! This Couldn’t Be Food Storage!”Ensign, Mar. 1990, 71.

• “Prepared for Today: Medical Supplies,”Ensign, July 1981, 54–55.

• “How Will Your Garden Grow?”Ensign, Mar. 1979, 66.

• “When Disaster Strikes,”Ensign, Aug. 1994, 71.

• “What’s in the Safe?”Ensign, Aug. 1988, 72–73.

• “Tips for Becoming Self-Reliant,”Ensign, Mar. 2000, 68–69.

• “Out of a Job?”Ensign, Feb. 2004, 73.

• “Emergency Savings the ‘Centsible’ Way,”Ensign, Feb. 1992, 65.

Additional Helps

The Church has produced many helpful materials to assist with understanding and teaching important welfare principles. They include videos, pamphlets, books, and handbooks. A sample of available materials follows:

• All Is Safely Gathered In: Family Finances (04007), pamphlet (4 pages)

• All Is Safely Gathered In: Family Home Storage (04008), pamphlet (4 pages)

• Basic Self-Reliance (32293), handbook (152 pages)

• Essentials of Welfare (53045), video (six segments, 93 minutes)

• One for the Money (33293), pamphlet (12 pages)

• Providing in the Lord’s Way (32296), pamphlet in 16 languages (27 pages)

A complete list of available materials is posted on the Internet at www.providentliving.org. On the home page, bottom left, select “Helps for Church Leaders,” then “Find a Tool or Resource,” and then “Books, Videos, Pamphlets, and Forms” to access the listing of available materials. Copies of most of these materials can be ordered through the Church’s online distribution center at http://www.ldscatalog.com/.

Taken from "Are You Prepared?" Ensign August 2007

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