Friday, October 2, 2009

Book Review - I Dare You To Eat It

I Dare You To Eat It
By Liesa Card

I Dare You to Eat It walks readers step-by-step through designing food storage to fit your family’s needs and preferences.

-Don’t over complicate using your long-term storage from the cannery. Remember, “just add water”, all of the basic staples purchased from the cannery cook – with water!

-Determine the amount of long-term storage you will need with the following idea. Divide your long term storage into seven categories comprised of wheat, rice, beans, oats, pasta, and potatoes, with a duplicate category of either rice or wheat, totaling seven categories. Then use the following formula:

Amount of Long-Term Storage Items Needed

The number of people in your family (example: 4 family members)
x 2 (example: 2 x 4 = 8)
the number of cases in each of the 7 food categories you should have
(example: 8 cases of wheat, 8 cases of beans, 8 cases of pasta, etc)

- Select everyday recipes your family enjoys as the foundation of your three month food storage.
-Take the five long-term storage items (wheat, rice, beans, potatoes, and pasta) and select six recipes that can be made from each item. This will give you thirty recipes. Multiply by three and you will have three months worth of food.

-Remember, you don’t have to have a grinder to use your wheat. The simplest way to use your wheat is to cook it over night in the crock pot. In the morning you will have wheat berries to use as cereal or in soups or casseroles. Wheat berries can also be frozen and used later.

- Preparedness isn’t just a plan for the wealthy. Don’t be discouraged if you have very little to spend. If you buy one can of anything for food storage, it counts!

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