Monday, May 11, 2009

The Prudent Homemaker - Garden Tour

Desert Gold Peaches

I attended The Prudent Homemaker's garden tour on Saturday and it was wonderful. She took us on a tour of her beautiful garden and explained in detail about the fruits, vegetables and herbs she has growing. Here are some pictures that I took of her garden.

Green Onions that have gone to seed

Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce, Early Girl Tomato plant (with cage around it), and a harvested Radish

This is a new feature in her garden. Here she built an above ground planter. Currently there are green beans, tomatoes, watermelon, red and yellow bell peppers, spinach, pumpkin, and red onions.

Dorsett Golden Apples

Green Gage Plums
Brandy is full of knowledge and I would highly recommend attending the next garden tour. I know I'll be going again!


Jes said...

Wow, great pictures. I will have to go next time. I love the artichokes!

NecropolisHerbs said...

I just found you tonight! Can't wait to follow your blog!