Monday, March 23, 2009

Couponing 101

For those of you interested in couponing, here are some helpful blogs and websites. These are all FREE sites! Please DO NOT sign up for any paying site or subscribe to the newspaper until you have researched this for yourself and want to pay the extra money for someone to tell you what to buy and when to buy it. Remember not to buy anything that you don't use. Even if it's on sale, it's still wasting money if you don't ever use it! One mom paid $85 for multiple subscriptions to the newspaper for 3 months! That would require a LOT of couponing to make up for this cost!

If your grocery bill is high, I would recommend shopping sales (such as the Case Lot sale at Smith's) and price matching at Walmart FIRST. After mastering these, I would try couponing :)
Try just buying a single Sunday paper for a couple of weeks. A lot of the Sunday coupons that come aren't for food items, so keep that in mind. Most of the grocery coupons are found online at Grocery Smarts. These are also FREE to print!

Kira from the Greenway Self-Reliant Sisters says:

"I would like to point out one thing, a lot of the coupons & great deals mentioned on the shop smart in Vegas coupon really aren't always good deals. Sometimes it takes rolling lots of transactions & lots of coupons to get the same kind of deal that I normally go for (ie - 10 cents an ounce on cereal) and sometimes a lot of the things that they are buying aren't things I normally would want to stock up on a ton of in the house (warm delights/brownie mixes, pre-made chex mix, etc.)."

Here is a great article called "How Much Are Your Coupons Costing You". It gives great ideas on how to get coupons, not just from the Sunday paper.

At Coupon Mom she has 3 FREE e-books that you can download to explain that basics of couponing.

Couponing/Frugal Websites

Printable Coupon:

Most coupons can be printed twice. If you have multiple computers, you can print these twice from each computer!! Be smart with your money & good luck!!

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Elizabeth said...

You know, it's funny that the sister from Henderson wrote that about the couponing as I felt the exact same way - I eat organic, whole foods as much as possible, and did not see how the Sunday paper coupons could help me save any money. BUT, I did it anyways, and I can tell you that my bill has consistently been about half of what I normally spend, and I have not changed my eating habits at all - no pancake, brownie, or cake mixes, no canned fruit (as I can my own), etc.; I save a ton! Keep your minds open - whatever you can get for free, regardless of your eating style, you can donate to people less fortunate...