Sunday, January 18, 2009

72 Hour Kit (Top 10 List)

We know that getting started on a 72 hour kit can be a daunting task, so here is a list (in order) of the top ten things you should have in your 72 hour kit.
  • Container (Backpack, rolling duffel bag, rubbermaid container, etc)
  • Water (for 72 hours)
  • Food/Medication/Can Opener (special consideration for infants/pets)
  • Scriptures
  • Money
  • Vital Info/Documents
  • AM/FM Radio/Batteries
  • Flashlight/Batteries
  • First Aid Kit/Sanitary Supplies
  • Change of Clothing/Wet Wipes

A container is listed first, so that as you collect supplies you will have a designated place for everything.

Here are some other websites to get you started and motivated!

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Tolteca Todd said...

72 Hour Kit. Try to take foods that do not take water to prepare, I see so many bug out bags with things like, instant oatmeal, hot chocolate & soups. The water should be for
drinking & take vitamins & protein bars. I also take a bottle of fiber, not only is
fiber needed but it also swells for a full feeling. I came across what is called
Lifecaps. They are a capsule that has everything needed to survive without food with
the exception of water. It is full of vitamins & minerals plus Iodine. Anyway, you take
three of them a day & drink water. I can actually take enough food in one backpack to
las 6 months because of these little Lifecaps, protein bars, fiber & water. I will run
out of water in a week so I do carry a small filter & a couple of those straw water
filters that filter the water as you suck.
You do not always have the ability or time to heat water to make soup or oatmeal. Anyway,
after I bought 25 bottles I found a coupon code & bought 75 bottles more. The coupon code
is... healthcap It will get you 33% off. There are also sites that have those filter straws
that are cheaper than any of the stores around here. (SLC) I think they are a really good
idea along with some purification pills. I cannot remember the sites off the top of my head
but you can Google for aquamira filter straw. Aquamira is the manufacture but do not buy
off there site because I have found them for almost 1/2 what they want on their own site
on other sites. Good luck, Gods speed & get serious about your bug out bag!
Todd in SLC