Thursday, October 9, 2008

Where Do I Store My Food Storage?

Here is a video that was done last year, that we added to this year. Here are various ways and places to store your food storage.

Kim lives in an apartment and has found great ways to maximize her space!

Rachelle and Holly both use their guest rooms as the housing place for their food storage.

There is nothing really special about how or where I (Lisa) store my food storage (it's just in a closet), however... last year I had NO food storage or 72 hour kits. I started coming to the Self-Reliant meetings that Tonya, Holly and Rachelle started, and it got me inspired AND smart about shopping. All the food storage that I have is from shopping smarter during my weekly shopping trips (and once a month Cannery). My grocery bill has actually gone down AND I have food storage!

This is my updated 2009 video with more food storage

Tonya uses the unique spaces in her house for food storage.

Amy converted part of her 3rd car garage into a food storage room.


Jodi said...

I hope you don't mind I subscribed to your blog even though I'm not in your ward. I have just been looking for unique storage ideas and I LOVE how you showed where you store your food using videos. You gave me some great ideas and I thought it was great to see them actually in use. I'll go quietly back to observing now. Just wanted to say thank you :)

Greenway Ward Self-Reliant Sisters said...

Lisa this looks awesome! I am referring my ward to this link at our next meeting and going to have to talk to the gals about filming some of their homes as well! Great job here!!! :)

Jean said...

Thanks! I'm also not in your ward, but I love all your great ideas. I noticed that the last sister has an attic storage area. We're new to Las Vegas and I'd heard that wasn't a good idea here. But it looks like it works just fine, right?

Lisa said...

She does not store any food up there, just clothes and other things, so that it would free up some space IN the house for her food storage. It would get WAY too hot for food storage in the attic and/or garage :)

Scott2218 said...

THank you for your Videos. My wife and I are not LDS, but we are into Emergency Preparedness. I will be using some of your Ideas and Projects in our own Storage. Thank you.